The instructors at Bonita Pilates & Yoga are all hand-selected by its founder, Renee, based upon their knowledge, commitment, and training. All of them have at least 4 years of teaching behind them. And, the Pilates instructors also have a therapeutic background. This background in physical therapy allows them to recommend movement that is consistent with preventing injury and helping with restorative care.

Renée Carlson

Founder of Bonita Pilates & Yoga

Stretching The Status Quo In The Health & Fitness Industry

Renée Carlson is a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. Balancing physical therapy and Pilates, her Bonita Pilates & Yoga Studio focuses on lengthening muscles, increasing mobility, strengthening your core, and preventing and alleviating pain.

An Entrepreneur with an Exceptional Educational Background

This 5’1 petite powerhouse has always been passionate about exercise as a path to wellness even while playing basketball as a point guard – really! Ready to jump to a full understanding of body mechanics, she earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from USC and an M.S. in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific.

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Gina Bolles

Yoga Instructor

Gina is a professional dancer and Registered Yoga Teacher. While working toward her Masters of Fine Arts in Dance at the University of Oregon,
Gina was inspired by the physical, emotional, and mental transformation she felt as a practitioner of Yoga. She embarked on her Yoga Teacher Training with a deep desire to share this powerful practice with others. Her study and practice are largely inspired by teachers Gerhard Gessner and Jeanie Carlstead, and focus on the Vinyasa, Anusara-Inspired Flow, and Hatha styles of Yoga. In addition to teaching Yoga, Gina teaches dance at the Coronado School of Fine Arts and Chula Vista School of Creative and Performing Arts

Theresa Rincon Melhorn

Yoga instructor

Terri was initially drawn to the practice of Yoga over 10 years ago as a means to overcome stress. She discovered the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits and was inspired to expand her practice to teaching. She has been a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance for over 5 years and is a member of The International Association of Yoga Therapists. With her Bachelors in Physical Therapy and Masters in Psychology, Terri is a uniquely qualified Yoga teacher. She has a passion for helping others and combines her therapeutic approaches with her Yoga practice to create an environment in her classes that are safe yet challenging and compassionate yet energizing.

Corey Cochiolo

Meditation Instructor

Cory’s kind manner and gentle voice takes you on a journey out of your busy mind and into peaceful non-judging space during her Guided Meditation class. As a Certified Hypnotherapist and with a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, Cory is a highly qualified teacher of meditation. She has a passion for teaching people how to heal physical or emotional issues through the power of meditation. She developed a program called “The Power of Meditation” in 2011 and has helped many beginners learn the foundations of meditation practice and guide those versed in meditation to advance their practice. Her classes are relaxing, renewing, and mind-opening.

Nina Klein

Yoga Instructor

Nina is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Ayurveda and Behavior Change Specialist, Professional Organizer and Tantrica. She is committed to helping you achieve your goals and will encourage you to find your most authentic self.
Growing up in Germany, she was always very active and athletic. She was involved in gymnastics and many other sports. When she moved to the United States, her passion for health and fitness only grew bigger and she became a personal trainer. After working as a personal trainer for a period of time, she realized that it was not completely inclusive and balanced. She wanted to create a holistic way of influencing health to her clients that would help them find health, not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This led her to her own practice of Yoga and meditation, which then led her to other important parts of these ancient sciences, such as Ayurveda and Tantra.
With everything she does in life, she wants to dive deeper and learn everything she can, so naturally she studied to become a teacher. Her school of choice was the Yoga and Ayurveda Center and she feels blessed to have gotten an education based on historic yoga philosophy, modern anatomy, and the sister science Ayurveda. These components are very important additions to her practice, and she loves being able to offer this holistic approach to her clients.