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Bonita Pilates and Yoga began as South Bay Pilates in 2006. We were originally located in the Bonnie Brae Shopping Center in Bonita and have recently relocated to the Bonita Centre. We have added a beautiful new yoga studio just adjacent to our Pilates Studio which is building our class schedule to accomodate our new clients. Renee Carlson is the working owner of Bonita Pilates and Yoga and is a Physical Therapist and Certified Pilates Instructor. She loves the Bonita area and had worked in the South Bay as a Physical Therapist for over 8 years before starting her business here. We continue to grow and expand and hope to inspire physical and mental health with Bonita Pilates and Yoga to the South Bay community.

Future Goals

We are continuing to expand our Yoga class times as our student attendance increases. Check the class descriptions to see what class is for you. Check our class schedule for other classes and times.

My doctor suggested Pilates as a possible way to avoid rotator cuff surgery. Being a physician, I chose Renee because of her Physical Therapy background. She tailors sessions to my individual needs. After just a few months my shoulder was and remains pain free. My overall strength and balance are greatly improved. I am hooked on Pilates!


I have been amazed at the strength and flexibility I have developed through the Pilates workout. My stomach is much flatter, my energy level greater, and I really feel the work throughout my entire body with the Pilates exercises. I love Pilates and my body looks forward to every class.


After a year of Physical Therapy and 2 shoulder surgeries I started Pilates and have never looked back. Not only has my shoulder improved, so has my overall strength and flexibility. I feel exhilarated when I finish each session. Renee is the best!


I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis all my life and had to go through various types of physical therapies and exercise therapies, but I have found that since I have started Pilates I got to know my body on a whole different level, both externally and internally. With Pilates, my joints feel less stiff, and my muscles stronger, longer and more stable. By strengthening my core, my whole posture changed and walking suddenly became easier on my legs! The range of motion (previously limited because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis) increased considerably allowing me to perform daily activities with greater ease. Pilates became and is now part of my weekly regiment and when I cannot do it, I miss it and my whole body misses it!


I have always had back pains and shoulder pains. I even tried chiropractic treatments to ease the pain before. Now that I am in my early fifties, I am starting to feel more joint pains. Arthritis runs in the family, so I wanted to be proactive and find some sort of my own physical therapy. I have wanted to try yoga for a while but could not find the right schedule and class format for me. Fortunately, my sister suggested that we try the classes offered at Bonita Pilates and Yoga. Ever since I started doing yoga class with Gina about 3 years ago, I feel so much better. I look forward to my Saturday morning yoga class every week. It makes me feel physically and mentally rejuvenated after each class. And now that more class schedules are available, the options are even greater.

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